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British Values

British Values  

At Willoughby, we actively promote the British Values in accordance with the Department of Education. By doing this, we are working towards preparing our pupils for life in modern Britain. The values are promoted and reinforced through our school values, curriculum, personal development opportunities and enrichment experiences.  

At Willoughby, throughout all stages of school life, we aim to ensure that our pupils:  


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  • Express their opinions, ideas and views and have them heard by their peers and school staff; both informally during lessons and social times, and more formally when pupil voice data is collated. 
  • Have their say on school matters which will be collated by their voted-in Voice of Willoughby (school council) representative.  

Rule of Law  

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  • Work collaboratively with their class to create class rules that everyone will follow to ensure that they continually develop their moral understanding of what is right and wrong.  
  • Are treated with unconditional positive regard and carefully supported to manage their behaviour consistently and fairly.  
  • Develop an understanding of people in the wider world who help us and are involved within the legal system and what their roles are.  

Mutual Respect & Tolerance

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  • Access a PSHE curriculum that promotes kindness, respect, diversity and tolerance.  
  • Have positive role models to look up to 
  • Are celebrated for everything that makes them unique and are encouraged to celebrate the uniqueness of their peers 
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation for religion, diversity and equality through assemblies, activities, whole school events and discussions.  

Individual Liberty  

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  • Are encouraged and supported to make choices and show preference using a total communication approach including Makaton, PECS and Assistive Technology  
  • Are encouraged to take responsibility, where appropriate, by completing class jobs 
  • Are supported to become as independent as possible in order to express their individual liberty