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Community Links

Community Links

At Willoughby, we value the importance of developing strong links between the academy and the local community.  Through visits, work experience opportunities and annual school events, we involve our pupils in the local community, to enable them to participate in a practical way and to enrich the academy curriculum.

Working with parents/carers, local residents, the business community and voluntary services teaches Willoughby pupils to become active citizens.


Fundraising Support

We are very grateful and fortunate to have support from local businesses who actively contribute to fundraising activities.  Cummins Corporation have a close partnership with Willoughby and provided funds for a fully interactive 4D room for all pupils across the school to enjoy.  In recent years Cummins financially contributed to new play equipment and kindly sponsored Willoughby’s 2021 calendar.


During 2019-20 academic year Willoughby Foundation raised £18,000, as a self-help donation towards a new 16 seat wheelchair accessible minibus from the Lord’s Taverners charity.

Current Playground Fundraising Project

Willoughby Foundation are currently raising funds for new playground equipment.  Approximate costs are in the region of £25,000.  We have been successful in an application for an £8,000 contribution from the Sun 50 Reader grant; special thanks to our parent fundraiser Micky Stokes for applying for this. We are extremely grateful for the generous grants received from Len Pick Trust and The Card Factory.  In addition to the above we have received very generous donations from local companies and parents.  The current figure raised stands at £18,412.85.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following organisations for their continued support:

Warners Midlands Plc/Bakkvor/Len Pick Trust/Lions Club of Bourne & District/Morrisons Stamford/Golding Young & Mawer/JJ Mac Ltd/Ballast Phoenix Ltd/Rotary Club of Bourne St Peter/Bourne United Charities/Rotary Club of Bourne/Howdens Bourne/Welland Print/Deeping United Football Club/Rotary Club of Grantham/Tesco – Bourne/M&S – Bourne/Card Factory – Bourne/Toft with Lound & Manthorpe Parish Council/The Burghley Family Trust.

Work Experience

We work in partnership with local businesses including 


Don't Lose Hope

Tiny Steps Petting Farm

Pillarwood Farm




Willoughby pupils complete valuable work experience placements with these organisations.  We regularly support the local Bourne Food Bank by donating food to help local families in need.

Local Churches

In close proximity to Willoughby are Bourne Abbey Church and Bourne Methodist Church.  We are regularly invited to join in with church activities and festivities.

Local School and Colleges

Willoughby has long standing relationships with local schools in Bourne, including our neighbours Bourne Grammar School and Bourne Academy.  Willoughby pupils attend school productions and we welcome Bourne Grammar and Bourne Academy students to complete their work experience placements within our school.