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Curriculum Coverage

​​​​​​Curriculum Coverage

Our curriculum is delivered through a theme based approach. Teachers have the freedom to use the themes creatively to cover areas of the curriculum which are relevant to the pupils they teach, ensuring that there is breadth and balance throughout all subjects across the year. Our 3  Year Curriculum Plan ensures continuity and progression. Themes are covered on a half-termly basis.  Our pupils follow their designated pathway.

Pre-formal curriculum road map

Informal curriculum road map

semi-formal curriculum road map

formal curriculum road map

curriculum implementation 

  • For all pupils to reach their full potential and gain the highest level of personal outcomes, preparing them for adulthood  
  • To meet each pupil’s interests and changing/complex needs
  • To maintain creative and safe learning environments in which pupils can confidently learn and feel safe
  • To bring learning experiences to life and make them memorable and engaging for all pupils whilst developing their knowledge 
  • For all pupils to achieve their full communication potential, develop their pupil voice and build on their social interaction skills 
  • To set aspirational targets for all pupils 
  • To promote a love of learning and widening each pupil’s knowledge of the world 
  • To develop healthy lifestyles, emotional wellbeing and sensory regulation 
  • To prepare pupils for their pathway through life 
  • To ensure a culture of safeguarding is embedded across the curriculum, with a wide range of opportunities to teach safety