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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

At Willoughby, we aim to provide opportunities to allow our pupils to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. We achieve this through carefully considered and wide-ranging opportunities and experiences. An integral element of our SMSC development is our promotion of British Values and our Enrichment Experiences. 

We acknowledge and appreciate that various elements of SMSC are abstract concepts that many of our pupils may find challenging. With this in mind, we support our pupils in their SMSC development by ensuring that the opportunities and experiences provided to them are relevant, meaningful and developmentally appropriate.

Spiritual Development

- We support our pupils to explore beliefs, religions, faiths and other world views

- We support our pupils to experience and promote the School Values

- We support our pupils to explore feelings and emotions and to develop relationships with peers and  staff

- We develop a sense of community and belonging for our pupils

- We encourage pupils to enjoy learning about themselves, their peers and the world around them

- We allow and encourage pupils to learn through creativity, imagination and reflection

Moral Development

- We enable pupils to recognise right and wrong

- We support pupils to make safe choices that protect themselves and those around them

- We support pupils to understand the Rule of Law and how this applies to them in school and in the wider world

- We support pupils to develop their understanding of cause and effect and to think about the impact of their actions on themselves and others

- We encourage pupils to develop reasoning skills and to apply these to real life situations

- We support pupils to recognise the value and importance of family, society and the environment

Social Development

- We support a total communication approach in order for every pupil to express their choices, independence and to communicate with others

- We support pupils to participate in Enrichment Experiences

- We support pupils to work on developing their functional communication skills

- We support pupils to understand differing points of view

- We develop pupils understanding of responsibility and accountability

- We support pupils to manage and resolve conflict

- We support pupils to engage with British Values to prepare them to live in modern Britain

Cultural Development 

- We encourage our pupils to appreciate cultural influences on our lives in a way that is meaningful to them; e.g through music, books, food and art.

- We support pupils to understand, respect and celebrate diversity

- We support pupils to expand their Cultural Capital by providing them with relevant and meaningful Enrichment Experiences.

- We support pupils to generalise what is learnt in the classroom to the outside world.