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At Willoughby Academy we use Tapestry on a daily basis. Tapestry is an online platform that helps us as a school to log and record progress and wow moments.

Parents have access to Tapestry and are able to view ‘whole class daily updates’ on their child's day in school. Wow moments are also uploaded so we can share and celebrate achievements. We strongly encourage all parents to engage with Tapestry as it is a fantastic, easily accessible, tool that provides an insight in to your child’s day. We also ask parents to share ‘wow’ moments from home and any exciting weekend news, building on our partnership with parents. We share these moments in class and it is a great way to support communication for the children.

We know parents find Tapestry a valuable link with school and wanted to share what a current parent thinks of Tapestry.

I find Tapestry a vital connection between our family and my Daughter's school. Not only does it allow me to see the things that her class as a whole have been working on, it is instrumental in allowing me to share wow moments from the activities I am doing at home which the school can adapt and vice versa. Being able to watch videos of how the school is interacting with Evie is so important for me because I want to learn how to bring similar activities and skills to our home to give her the best support I can. I use Tapestry every day to either update on what we did at the weekend so School can use this as a discussion point, or to post or view her progress. I find it really easy to use,  It's just fantastic!  

Below is an example of a parents' weekend news update which we then use to initiate communication and interaction within the classroom